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Why Burton Wealth Management?

As long as I have been in this profession I have always worked for the individual. I have never worked for the company. Oh sure, the companies that I represent pay me. But the companies and the products that they offer are tools used to solve problems for the individual and or businesses. People get confused about who is Cetera Advisors and who is Burton Wealth Management. Cetera Advisors is the national independent broker dealer that holds my registrations and licenses. These registrations and licenses allow me to offer the tools to solve the problems. They supervise what I can do or not do and who I can represent and who I cannot represent. I do not work for Cetera. They work for me. I work for you, the individual and or business owner. 

My mission is to preserve and grow wealth. This is why I created Burton Wealth Management.  I manage all aspects of wealth from creation, income, protection, and last, transitioning to the people and causes that they love. I use the tools that are provided by Cetera and I use the techniques that are approved by the current rules and regulations of the tax code. I am not an accountant nor am I an attorney, however, I supplement the type of work they do.

How do I do it? It starts by just having a conversation. Our 1st meeting will take an hour. I am sure you will have questions for me as I will have plenty of questions for you. If at any time you feel that I am not a right fit for you, that’s OK! Just let me know. You can tell me no thank you and we can part as friends, that’s OK. On the other hand, if I am a fit, this only means that we will have agreed on an agenda for next steps and a time for our next meeting. 

So, let’s get together and have a conversation.

Let me know what’s best for you. Have a great day!

Thanks, Terry